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Online Marketing for Your Business – 

You need to understand!, that before you jump in with both feet, that there are a list of things to consider. Unlike offline advertising, where you can run an ad in the local newspaper or use a billboard for those driving by or run ads on local T.V. and radio stations, in the fast paced world of the Internet, you have to have a game plan before you start.


moneyYou need to know where your money is coming from!

Online marketing for businesses consist of hundreds of techniques and thousand of places to advertise and as quickly as you master one technique, a new one is discovered. Yes, you can learn and apply these marketing avenues and tricks yourself, but realistically….

Do You Have the Time?

HogFish Media has decades of experience and training,  it is this background that lets our clients succeed over their competitors in every market we go after. We discuss with you what it is you want to accomplish online and then build a marketing plan that will benefit your business and achieve those goals, while benefiting your visitors with products, information and solutions that they are looking for.

When you think of the phrase “Online Marketing for Businesses”, what you should be asking yourself is:

1. Are you wanting to market locally…. This is local marketing and involves techniques specific to your area and usually is when you want someone to come to your offline business.

2. Is your products something that is available to people through-out your state or region…. This is where we need to start Geo-Targeting your potential customers and involves Local strategies plus national marketing methods.

3. Is you services available to anyone in the U.S.? Then you need to apply both previous techniques, while targeting regional specific authority sites to get added marketing value.

4. Globally is beneficial to all sorts of products and services and might include sites that are membership sites, have down-loadable products, are physical products that have no boundaries ( such as, baby bottles, sports drinks and so on)  and can be purchased around the world for people needing them. Do you have an Ecommerce Website?, Need help with your Brand Identity.

Whatever your business is trying to achieve, we can help. We have a list of questions we go through with you to narrow down your goals to meet certain criteria; Immediate Goals – Things that need immediate actions by customers, monthly and yearly goals which are going to make your business profitable and sustainable in an ever changing world.

It is not our goal to do discuss all the variables and solutions here – “There is No Such Thing As A One Solution Fits All”, so  ———–>  Contact Us Today before your competition does!

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