We started purely by accident in 1998.

Jim Gruber, Jim Gruberwho back then was in offline marketing and sales, started JNT Media in Galesburg Illinois. This happened when a friend built his website for his photography business and asked Jim if he would look at it and see if there was something he could do to get rankings in the search engine’s and drive more business.

Things were very different back then and we manged to build thousands of first page rankings for 2 separate offices, in a very short period of time. Yes those were the good ‘ol days – this was very easy to do then.

In the years since then, JNT Media became Hogfish Media for branding purposes. We stayed small and our clients were referrals from current clients. They were throughout the United States as well as some international clients.

We have always worked to be the affordable solution for business owners for both online and offline marketing needs.

In 2011 we opened an office in Sanford, N.C. to help Fayetteville, Raleigh and clients located every where in-between. Things grew quickly and we started in Holly Ridge, N.C. to handle Wilmington to Jacksonville N.C.

Update: We are midway thru 2017 and we are in the processes of opening our first office in Sacramento, Ca. – We are looking to combine the work load in North Carolina to better help our client who range from Charlotte, Winston-Salem to small towns and cities across the state with a more centrally located sales office.

We Are Hiring “Independent Sales Consultants” across the U.S. – See our Jobs Listing