Pay Per Click – PPC Advertising

PPC Advertising – Pay Per Click Advertising

can be everything from search engine advertising for specific keywords to advertising on other peoples or companies websites. You can use banner advertising, which is like a offline billboard or you can pay to have a specific word that is used in a article, that when someone hovers over that word is says something in a pop-up box and has a link going to your site. You can advertise just about anywhere and everywhere on the Internet, such as: Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and other social Media websites offer various types of paid advertising for small business.

Warning !………..You can use flash or blinking types of banner ads ( Not a good choice for most businesses, because people find it annoying! )

Some companies use paid advertising to build backlinks to your website, be careful of this, because if it is done wrong the Big Boys: Google, Yahoo and Bing will penalize you by not allowing your website in the search directories (This is a violation of their self promotion rules)….This is known as the Sandbox and can be very difficult to get your site out of this penalty box and in some cases, they will not let you out at all, this means you will have a site that is worthless and you will need to start all over with a new domain name and website.

Paid advertising is exactly what it states…paying to have your website be seen by people who might be interested in what you have to offer. You should use it as a source for traffic, not your soul source of driving traffic.

SEO , Paid Advertising, Article Marketing, Press Releases and other tactics should be incorporated to your over-all marketing plan. No one source of traffic will allow you to build a business online…..

What happens if Pay Per Click gets to expensive or you can’t afford it at this moment.
What if you use SEO or Site Optimization only and the Search Engines change their algorithms…Your Rankings are gone and it could take months to get them back.
What do you do when you get tired of writing articles about your industry and so on and so on.

Here at , HogFish Media you can always expect us to use every method of marketing available now and new techniques as they prove to be effective.

We use our own websites to test everything before we do it for you, ensuring that you get the most from the money you spend for our services.
We test ads, landing pages, opt-in form locations, cross selling techniques, pop ups, fly in ads.
We research and re research keywords, traffic sources, paid search locations and positions of ads, daily weekly and monthly.
We article market, using value based information with keyword inserts that allows us to send traffic where we want them to go!
(This is very important, because you do not want people wandering your site just to leave without purchasing or filling out a survey or joining your mailing list or giving you some sort of beneficial information that you can use to market you services to them in the future.)
We make sure you are using error pages and redirects properly.
We make sure the you are using back-end strategies correctly.

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