What is Seo

SEO = Search Engine Optimization

In the simplest of terms, it is taking a website and adjusting the code/html/css to let the search engines: Google, Bing Yahoo, as well as all the others know what your site is about and who might be your potential target audience. There are other factor that come into play such as on – page optimization, which is writing your information in a way that is beneficial for your visitors to read and for the search engine robots/spiders to understand why, how and when it would best list or show your site to people who are searching for specific information.

Local Search Engine Optimization

Is when you fine tune everything that your website has to offer for a specific area ( Ex: Fayetteville, N.C. or Raleigh, N.C.) so that local searchers can find you in a way that is similar to a phone book. It is not enough to just list your website in Google Places. You need a  Search Engine Optimization company like Hog Fish Media, who can list you with hundreds of sites, build your reviews and citations, find and claim listings and so much more. Most companies charge hundreds of dollars per month and are paying for advertising in Google Adwords and yes this drives a certain amount of traffic, but it is not SEO.
Hog Fish Media does Google Adwords and other paid marketing for our clients, and yes, we optimize every ad for maximum exposure, but this is just a small part of our service. We strive to provide each and every client with a detailed marketing plan, so they understand where there money is going and what they can realistically expect from that investment.

SEM = Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is using all on-line avenues of paid advertising: Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, Bing Search Advertising.
Paid searches can provide a shortcut around search engine clutter and bring more visitors to your site, but you need a search engine and marketing company like Hog Fish Media, who not only understands the 3 major search engines, but also the hundreds of smaller ones.

Did You Know That You Can Advertise On Other Websites? Yes you can, but if you do not understand how to do this correctly or hire a company who doesn’t have the experience to properly execute this type of marketing, it could cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars with very little results. We research everything for our clients before we start spending money on paid advertising….read more here.

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